Nanyang Optical Store
The Nanyang Optical Store concept was designed to promote the new brand image of Nanyang Optical focusing on sustainability and evironmental awareness. Nanyang Optical are the first to develop the Linkskin range of glasses. These are the world’s first totally eco-friendly eyewear made from all recycled or sustainable materials and processes

The small store is dominated by 6 large structural pillars that became a problem when attempting to layout several rooms within the tight space. To overcome this, the pillars were utilised as display areas to maximise their display space potential.

Since the store sells fashion glasses as well as performs optical testing and fitting services in the same location, the layout was subtly divided into two areas using changes in lighting to adjust the mood. Warm lighting was used for the fashion area where frames are selected, while cooler lighting gives a reassuring clinical feel for the optical procedures area.

Materials such as bamboo and LED lighting were incorporated into the design to promote the sustainable message.